What project to choose

I have gone through the course material and made all the projects. However, I am not sure about the project that I need to build to get the certification. The list of projects that you have provided that we need to refer to have components such as relay modules etc. I am a beginner and I study in grade 9. I don’t have the skill to make such difficult projects as this is my first time. Please guide me on what kind of project I can submit to get the certification. Can I build a temp monitor and a fan on and off the circuit and collect values and submit that project, similar to the one that has been taught?

Hi @6550,

It is completely your choice as to what project you have to make.
It is not compulsory for you to take up complex projects, based on your understanding of the training content you can take up any project.

Yes you can go ahead and do the project that you have mentioned. But make sure you provide the proper documentation for the project that you make.