What will be the steps for Controlling LED Over Bolt Cloud on phone using bolt iot app


Can you guide me in doing this ??


The Bolt IoT App is only meant to allow you to have your Bolt connected to the WiFi. As such the Bolt IoT App currently does not have any views that allow you to control an LED connected to the Bolt.

You can control an LED by setting the pin to which it is connected to HIGH or LOW, using the remote API.
You can read about the API calls in the following link.

These API calls can be made from any browser, even the one on your Phone. In this manner you can control the LED connected to the Bolt from your phone.

Hi @pednekarruchika,

As Bolt IoT app is only designed up for setting up the Bolt device.

You can use combination of Bolt Cloud API and bubble app to build your own custom app.

Check this link https://docs.boltiot.com/docs/introduction-1

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.


Yes Sir!
This bubble app helped me alot ,doing my 1st project using moble phne feeling litle motivate:). want to do similar projects,connctng more devices… will try connecting many devices and if i have problem doing thn will com back to you.

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