What will happen if I run Bolt module along with sensors 24*7

What will happen if I run Bolt module along with sensors 24*7. wil it affect the board are the sensors .

Its best if u don’t make it run for 24/7 because it isn’t as sophisticated as other advanced modules and doesn’t consist of cooling system and running it for such long times will cause it to overheat and hinder its performance slowly.You can make it run for longer hours with short breaks in between .

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Hi I am planning to automate my farm for that I have to run it 24*7, if I add a cooling system can I run it .

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If the cooling system doesn’t let the module to hinder in its performance you can go on with the plan .Just make sure you don’t put too much load on the module and components. Make it sustainable for a long period of time.

I am planning to connect 6 sensors to the module, is it ok .

@indus19 Great to hear that you want to make a full time cooling system for your farm on your own. The goal is achievable, but buddy what we guys build personally can’t be used as a finished or perfect product because what we build can only work as a prototype for a solution, so we can only propose a prototype.

There is a huge difference between a prototype and a finished product as the prototype has to undergo many processes be it like customization, enhacements and many more steps so that a company can turn a prototype into a finished product which can be used by the public, that is why I suggest that it is not viable to use your self-created farm cooling system as it will surely pose a diififculty with the time.

Your self-made cooling system first of all will be able to make a specified amount of API calls in a specific amount of time which itself restricts the usage, you will not be able to come up with a proper compact hardware structure for the same which will cause many inevitable issues in the long run.

If you were making the project just in case to enhance your knowledge, I encourage you to do the same.

I hope I have solved your query :slight_smile:

@indus19 The Bolt WiFi module is being used by various pharmaceutical companies and data center to monitor temperature and humidity levels. These systems have been on 24X7 for last 2 years without any issue.

I have a Bolt WiFi unit running in my home that collects temperature data 24X7 without any problem. There is NO cooling system built on it and it is kept at room temperature. Generally if Bolt does not face heating issues.

You could go ahead and build your system. Do start with a prototype, test well and scale it up. Feel free to let us know if you need any help in getting your product ready. We are there to help you :blush:

Hey @indus19, hope you are doing great, about your query I can assure that a BOLT module can run 24*7 without any disturbance as I am using it in my home automation with Alexa and I rarely use the switch board.

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