Whats the difference between using a cloud instance service like digital ocean and using Vmware

im so confused with this im actually undable to understand difference so can anyone give a clear explination

Digital Ocean lets you connect/create to any instance. In our case, we need a Virtual Machine instance to run the linux terminal.
When we use VM Ware on our computer, we have the OS (ubuntu) running on our device using virtualization.

Digital Ocean lets you do that on the browser. So you can either SSH into that machine, or run the terminal/console on browser. The machine will be on the cloud, that means, you’ll be running a machine who’s physical requirements like ram, storage, processor will be fulfilled by just a click of a button (more the specification more charge per hour), and you’ll be displayed only its screen. All it requires is a good source of internet connectivity.

While, for VM ware, all the physical requirements will have to be fulfilled by your device. People usually dualboot and give the OS same RAM and processing power, but when you use virtual machine, your deivce is using Windows and the VM at the same time, so processor and RAM has a lot of pressure meanwhile.

Let me know if you need more clarification.


Vmware is a virtualisation technology while Digital Ocean is a cloud infrastructure provider.

It’s easy to confuse virtualisation and cloud, particularly because they both revolve around creating useful environments for users.

  1. With virtualisation, machine’s resources are abstracted which are then made available to virtual environments called virtual machines. These resources can be raw processing power or storage. Virtualisation is technology that allows you to create multiple environments from a single, physical hardware system. Software called a hypervisor connects directly to that hardware and allows you to split 1 system into separate, distinct, and secure environments known as Virtual Machines(VM).

  2. Cloud Computing is a set of principles and approaches to deliver computational power, networking, storage, services and applications to users on-demand across any network. These infrastructure resources are sourced from clouds, which are pools of virtual resources managed by automation software so they can be accessed by users on-demand.

To understand the difference more clearly I have provided some links which will be helpful in clearing your doubt.

Hope you find it helpful.


what i understood is while using digital oceanwe are creating own cloud but not using our ram our memory etc but when we use virtual box we are creating our own cloud which involve our memory our ram
if im wrong correct me.

and one more thing can you explain how cloud works i mean when type a code and run it what happens and how wifi module receive our commands i have little dfficulty in understanding it

Correction - You are creating a Virtual Machine, not cloud.

Cloud means through the internet. The device, storage server everything is present somewhere else, and we are using internet to access it. That means we are cloud computing.

Virtual Machine is like Virtual Computer. Hope this term makes it clear.

When we talk about Bolt Cloud, we mean a server and storage that Bolt IoT has registered to itself. When we create an account on bolt cloud, we are given a tiny part of it. But this tiny part is enough to store the hardware and code configuration that we do on cloud.boltiot.com.

Wifi modules such as ESP8266 and ESP32 work using wifi, I guess that’s clear. If you buy a regular ESP8266 or 32 chip, you can program it on arduino IDE to let it control to any wifi, or you can use other methods create a wifi hotspot itself.

We can build projects so that we can control the pins of the ESP dev boards available on the internet over wifi, but the limitation is, you cannot call it IoT, because you need an internet connection for that. So, requirements are a wifi connection with internet on it. Now, the functions cannot be stored on the chip, how to access the functions? From your computer? How will your wifi chip work if your computer is tunred off? That’s where we need a server or cloud, that can work as our database to store our functions. When we command through the code, the command sends an API request to the cloud server, which then searches for a device with the IP and MAC address same as your bolt or ESP chip, then uses the applied function from the code.

The process is pretty long, but it is possible with today’s fast internet.

Watch the Big Bang Theory video example from the IoT and ML course, and hear what they speak about the process when he clicks the button to turn on the light and the music.

I suggest you to go through few youtube videos regarding IoT, its architectures, how wifi modules are used for IoT, etc.

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hey if we can do it in windows why do we need to cloud computation or virtualization

in virtualization and cloud computing we gave commands to ubantu server so in windows to which server are we commanding

Ubuntu is an Operating System, just like Windows, Macintosh, etc. The purpose behind introducing the Linux environment is to make students habitable and comfortable in working in the terminal.

If in the future you work in a field that concerns IoT, or anything in the tech field, windows is not the best option. You can go through to know why - https://itsfoss.com/linux-better-than-windows/

Other than that, all you’ll be doing on ubuntu is use python on terminal, that you can do even on windows.