Whatsapp message using python when temperature is above 40

I wanted to know how i can send message via whatsapp when temperature reaches threshold.
Is this possible with python? If yes then can anyone message how to do it?

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@dishantgandhi733 Yes, it is possible to programmatically send a WhatsApp message using their APIs. However, to apply for WhatsApp APIs is a complicated process and takes a couple of weeks and subject to approval from WhatsApp.
I would advice you to use the Telegram APIs.

@shoeb.ahmed Thanks for your advice

@shoeb.ahmed Thank you for advice. But can u still provide tutorial for whatsapp ! I have read your reply that this will take couple of weeks and is subject to approval but the fact is industry accepts whatsapp message on legal front. I think if you could provide us the tutorial, it would be better ! Can you ?

actually its like if u are using whatsapp business then you get API of your own but still it is not getting here in India i search how to get i didn’t got anything about it properly.

@himanshumanghani95 Refer to https://whatsapp.com/business/api

@saurabh000345 HAHA now I see whatsapp business, why itis used in the industries ! Thank you dearest friend you have been amazing !

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Let us hope for the best

WhatsApp messages can be sent programmatically using their APIs. But it’s a process, most importantly, still waiting for approval from yowhatsapp techbigs