When I was clicking "on go to course" for registration ,giving error Gateway time out

I bought this course on 16 JULY 2022, due to some health problem unable to registered.Now ,I was yesterday 25 Aug 2022 registering error is coming “Gateway Time-out”.
please tell me how to registering the course and can start this training . please explain in detail way to which I can come out of this problem

Hi @ajayyadavsr135
For accessing the course you can watch the video below:

Try the following steps.

  1. Clear your browser’s cache - Once the browser cache is cleared, every webpage that loads will load as if it is the first time the user has visited the page. Clearing cache fixes certain problems, like loading or formatting issues on sites.
  2. Try using different web browser.
  3. Refresh the page - some errors are temporary, so try to refresh the page after a couple of minutes.
  4. Restart your computer/laptop. - sometimes restarting can help solve errors.
  5. If the problem still persists, then wait for some time because there may be a technical glitch in the platform.

@ajayyadavsr135 Our website trainings.boltiot.com was down for some time, now it has been fixed. Please try again and let me know if you need any help.

showing invalid code after , When i’m clicking on " enroll in training" then order summary page is opening.
please help me sir as soon as possible.
After purchasing i’m also unable to confirm our account .
please provide me" new link for confirmation mail id".

if you have bought the course click on the sign up/log in option as showing on the top of the image that you have uploaded , and make sure that you are using the same e-mail id which you have used for buying.

sir i am using same id and again buying’s (order summary) page is opening

when i am clicking on "To unsubscribe " then this page is opening.

Sir please help me to which i can complete training as soon as possible

@ajayyadavsr135 please click the login button on the top right and log in and check if you have access.