Where and how i should upload my work and projects

where and how I should upload my work and projects which is given by the Bolt IOT.

The clear procedure is given in your training module. The instructions are in the module named IoT and ML Innovation Challenge.
Anyways There are three steps involved in submitting the project.

  1. Upload project video on Youtube
  2. Create the project documentation here
  3. Submit the project details

@nadafsuhana121 you can check all the steps for the project submission in the following link and if you any further issue please update it .

For the submission of project related to Innovation Challenge you can visit the “IOT and ML Innovation Challenge” section of your training module.
And for the submission of project related to the certification test you can refer " Instructions For The Project And Forum Questions" part of your training module. The complete procedure has been explained clearly.
** You don’t have to submit the projects that were assigned during the ongoing training as they were just for self assessment.