Where can we buy bolt iot wifi module

Where can we buy the bolt wifi module and how much does it cost?

You can buy it online from BOLT IoT platform.

@jindaldhruva Bolt IoT Wifi module costs around 1500 Rs and It can be brought online only. Heres the link to their online store https://www.instamojo.com/boltIoT/.

@sumitrana9910 , is there any cheap alternative for it?

Hi @jindaldhruva,

If you are just searching for a Wifi Module then you can go for ESP8266 or Node MCU. These costs around 200-300 Rs but in these you won’t be getting any cloud support and you will have to rely on third-party cloud providers for the data analysis for your projects.

Making an IoT project with Bolt IoT wifi module is easy and its the best and cheapest wifi module with cloud support in the market right now. One of the best features of Bolt is its cloud. It acts as a seamless connectivity option. Read the below two articles to know more about why you should choose the Bolt IoT Wifi module over others.

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@sumitrana9910 , what can we do from these ESP8266 modules?

Hi @jindaldhruva,

The ESP8266 module is a cheap, without having any cloud support, yet effective platform for communicating over the internet. By adding the ESP8266 module in your projects, you will be able to connect it to the internet. You can easily see the status of your project and control it through the internet from anywhere in the world. It’s also easy to use with an Arduino and there are many guides and project examples available on the Internet. Heres the link to the Beginner’s Guide to the ESP8266 Module.

The Bolt IoT wifi modules also use the same ESP8266 module with custom firmware but it is having the cloud support advantage over the others, this ensures seamless connectivity so that we can receive, store, and visualize the project data over graphs. They also offer APIs to fetch data and control the devices from any platform. Bolt IoT platform gives us the capability to control our devices and collect data from IoT devices safely and securely no matter where we are. Check out the projects made using Bolt IoT wifi module by clicking on the following link:-

you can buy the bolt wifi module from online, here is the link

U can buy it from amazon or bolt website

U can buy it from amazon or bolt website, you can also apply for Thier scholarship test so to get course free with their module.

Can we communicate esp8266 via Bolt Module?

U can buy it from Amazon or bolt website

Hiii… @jindaldhruva , here is the link https://store.boltiot.com/

You will get Bolt IoT WiFi Module from Bolt IoT online store. You can use this link

You can even buy it from Amazon. Here’s the link

When your are not based in India you cannot buy the module. How can I buy the module (without the course) from Europe?

Hi @slaw,

Please check this link https://store.boltiot.com/

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

@jindaldhruva visit https://store.boltiot.com/collections/kits-and-hardware/products/the-bolt-iot-platform