Where does the bolt module store data

I have connected the bolt to an Arduino board via serial. When I am reading serial data of the bolt device from a python script at 30 second intervals, if the Arduino board happens to send more data that expected(1 per 30 sec) where is the data stored till I request it via the API? What is the limit of the buffer?
If I have a unknown amount of incomming data(via serial), how can I get all the data without exceeding my api quota?

Hi @Adith625,

I am inviting @vinayak.joshi to help you out with this query. He will be replying to you by tomorrow EOD.


The Bolt WiFi module has a serial buffer of ~700 bytes. This is where the data is stored.

This buffer is present in the ram of the device. Which means that the data will stay in the buffer until you read from it, or the cloud reads from it while trying to pull data from the serial port, or when the device is powered down or restarted.

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