Where to get BoltIoT Module in Cape Town South Africa

@butawuf Sorry I missed out on your earlier message. We have shipped the replacement. You must have also got an E-Mail from Masood with the tracking details. Let me know in case you have not yet for the mail with tracking details.

Good Day @PPV

I received the e-mail from Masood with the tracking number it’s just that I’m worried that i might not receive the shipment in time.

So far this is the status and i have 4 Days left as i need to spend at least a day playing around with it


No further updates on the replacement unit and times is not on my side.

I have literally 2 days left :neutral_face:

Apologies for the delay in responding. My colleague @PPV is not well hence I am posting this message on his behalf.

Our operations team got in touch with the vendor to check where the second backup shipment has reached. It will be reaching Johannesburg today and it will be reaching Cape Town tomorrow. We are trying to get it to you at the earliest.

However, I suggest you also keep a backup option ready just in case it does not get delivered on time so that your Event Showcase does not get affected. Sincere apologies again for the delay.


Thanks for your message i received a call earlier today from the courier guys and they said the replacement is getting into Cape Town tonight and i should have it early morning tomorrow

I will updated you guys tomorrow morning

Thanks guys my Shipment has been delivered.

How ever I’m having this error when i try to deploy the configuration.

No Hardware configuration exists for this device type

Please let me know if there is something I’m doing wrong

Hi @butawuf could share a screenshot of the issue you are facing? Have you linked the hardware configuration to the device? Check out this project: https://www.hackster.io/ppv999/getting-started-with-bolt-light-monitoring-system-a8dbfc it might help.