Where to submit project?

I have made my final project but should I host it on Hackster or Bolt Project Submissions website?
This is my link at hackster.io,
Can I use this in my final exam?

@lankabhedi in order to submit the projects for the final test or Bolt IoT & ML Innovation Challenge, you have to submit your project on https://projectsubmission.boltiot.com/wp-admin/ i.e. Bolt Project Submission Website.

In order to upload the project on the Bolt Project Submissions Website do follow the steps provided in this article: https://projectsubmission.boltiot.com/2020/11/23/submitting-a-project/. This will clear all your doubts. After going through this article you will easily Submit the project for review.

Once the project is submitted for review, click on the preview button, on the top right corner and select the Preview in new tab option from the drop down list.

When the preview is opened in a new tab, copy the link from the address bar, and keep the link ready for your exam.

And you can submit that project in the final test if it fulfills the below criterion:

As I think that your project morser-text-voice-morse-signal-converter-and-transmitter fulfills the above criterion, so you just have to follow the above mentioned points in order to upload the project on Bolt Project Submissiomn website and you are good to go