Which project to submit for Certificate exam?

Sir can we make our project
Sir I didn’t start my course so when should I submit the project
How to submit the project after getting output
Can l give supply to Bolt directly from socket in room

1.yes even you haven’t completed your course you can submit project
2.you have to submit your project before 31 dec 2019
3.Refer following to sub mite your project
4.you can give supply to bolt from socket in room using your mobile charger otherwise you can power it using your computer’s usb port

Hope this helps you.

Sir can we make our own project

Hi @sreejavijayagiri,

For final project - You can create ANY project you want as long as it utilizes the Bolt module. Projects which do not make use of the Bolt module will not be awarded any marks. You can use any other board along with the Bolt module for your project, e.g. Bolt + Arduino, Bolt + Raspberry Pi etc.

Check the details here https://trainings.boltiot.com/courses/429176/lectures/11100322

Sir,we can make our own projects and submit it to hackster.io
All you need to do is upload everything on hackster.io(code,video,etc)

Hi @pawanpardeshi249,

If you are using Bolt device in your project, then you can submit any project. Bolt wifi must be used in your project.

How will be the competition among the students

Hi @sreejavijayagiri,

I think this thread will help you in solving your query IOT Innovative challenge

Do let me know in case you need any other information.