Why bolt iot courses are not teaching by video lectures but only giving documents?

HTML, javascript is being taught by giving a one-page document it should be taught by video lectures as we have paid for this course .python is also taught by documents, what is this sir ? We have paid this much and in return, we are reading and understanding on our own. You should teach students everything by video lectures otherwise we can also learn from w3schools. Thank you but please provide proper video lecture

I too second that.
Plus, I don’t understand why my certification/ course score is based on the answers that i gave in the bolt forum.

I agree the score for certification can be based on -

  1. In between quiz and
  2. final project which i will be developing on my own.
  3. Answer 2 questions in bolt forum - I don’t understand why my score is dependent on this.

I am not taking this score for free, if I was then I would have taken my time out and contributed in the Bolt forum.
But after paying a big amount(more than other good MOOCs’) for the course I am being asked to do this. I am not getting the real reason behind telling us to do this. I am learning through other MOOCs’ too, there is not a single course which asks you to do so and the teaching is done through proper videos.
Volunteering to answer is a different aspect but this should not be made a compulsion.