Why BOLT is so expensive in the lineup?

I was just wondering why the bolt hardware is so expensive like its a simple esp8266 board with just better software in it. There are lot of options in under Rs 800. Then why bolt is making us to pay rs 2800 which does include the cloud-pro usage and you have to pay a lot more for that too.
Whats so special in it? Can anyone please clear it to me?

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Hi @debopriya,

The Bolt Wifi module is esp8266 chip-based module. What makes it different is its cloud and compact size. It has been featured by Raspberry Pi in their magazine as ‘best maker hardware’. https://www.boltiot.com/hs-fs/hubfs/HackSpaceMag11.jpg?width=516&name=HackSpaceMag11.jpg

Bolt cloud is easy to use and scale for any need. It can be also used along with any Arduino/esp8266 boards available on market. You can also use bolt APIs to create a custom UI and workflows. The cost of 2800 includes lifetime access to the course, certificate, different components, and assured internship. Which you cannot get with any 800 rs esp8266 board.

When you buy an esp8266 board, you will need some cloud. For there also you will have to pay for any cloud service. But bolt gives lifetime access to free Bolt cloud which has sufficient features to learn and work on its projects.

The ease of use and design makes it different from other boards available in the market. Hope this answers your query!