Why can't I be able to access and watch all this training videos?? What should I do to access all this videos available in your site??

Assuming that you must have already purchased the kit, you should understand that you can gain access to the online training only atleast 2 days after the kit has been successfully delivered to you. Before that, create an account on Bolt Cloud, the link which I’m providing here https://cloud.boltiot.com . After creating an account ,login to bolt cloud. You can see a small vertical 3 dotted icon displayed near your name on the right-top side of the screen. Click on it and from the list displayed, click on ‘MY ACCOUNT’. Now you will be able to see a vertical menu on the left side, on which you must click on ‘TRAINING’.

There you can see your order details and if you have not been issued a course access code, you will currently not be able to access training as of now and will have to wait for the kit delivery.
If you have been issued a course access code, then click on ‘GO TO COURSE’ option near it. You will be redirected to another page where you can see the list of contents of the course. There you will see a message showing 100% off. This means your training is now available and you can click on it and sign up on that website to access it. Bookmark that page so that you can visit it later on also and login in to continue the online training.

Hope you found my answer helpful.
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10 days since i received the kit still no access.

It seems that you are not Enrolled for the course. To get access to the course and start learning follow the simple steps below…
Steps to access the online training:

  1. Please visit this link https://trainings.boltiot.com/p/iotandml.
  2. Click on Enroll Now and fill in your details to SignUp on the site.
  3. Now you will be shown the courses available.
  4. Click on “Enroll in Course for $130”
  5. You will be shown the page to pay for the course. Since you have already paid for the training, instead of making the payment again, click on Add Coupon and use the unique code that you will get through the mail.
  6. Click checkbox to agree to Terms and Conditions and click on Enroll in Course.
  7. You will be shown the confirmation screen. Click on Continue to Course button to view your training.

Hope your issue will be solved now…!

actually i had not enrolled using the course code at the time i bought the kit as i didnt know about it and didnt check my email.
and it is showing the coupon is no longer valid.
but since i have paid and also received the kit, is there some way i can access the course. the only thing is i hadnt enrolled at that time, because then i hadnt read the email regarding the same

Mail to the support team the same support@boltiot.com hope they may solve the issue…

I am not getting access to my course by all these ways, when i enter the coupon code it appears a invalid code.