Why do we always save notepad file as index?

we tried saving our notepad file as other names but it didn’t worked
so at last we have to save it named index.why??

That is clearly mentioned in the course it self, once you type in your ip in the browser, index is the first file that is gonna be executed, that is how BOLT was designed in the format as “index.hml”. Again why “.hml” the answer is in the forum. Kindly go through.

Hi, index.htm is the default page the server running on bolt looks for to be displayed if you simply type in its IP on your browser or the Display page that shows up directly in the Netplug Mobile App.

Second if you want to view any other pages you can always use the serveFile command

Example ip/serverFile?filename=mypage.htm

Lastly the bolt only recognizes files with a 3 letter extension, hence “.htm” but “.html” is not. similarly .jpg but not .jpeg for images


@datta.naik Thanks for elaborating technically, I learnt which I did not know.

Why can’t Bolt be optimized to have any name for the file
e.g program_name.htm ?

The original idea was that navigating to a particular directory would simply list the files in it, just like clicking on a folder on your desktop, but if you preferred you could provide your own custom index of the files. You specified this by naming a file in the directory index.html, which the server would pick up.

Of course that’s not really the same way we think of websites nowadays, but the name has endured. - From Quora (https://www.quora.com/Why-is-the-default-html-file-called-index-html)

We are just following the standard convention.