Why does BOLT Cloud require my home's wifi password

Why does bolt app require my wifi password? Will it intrude my privacy?

No I don’t think it’ll intrude your privacy.
This is similar to how you need a password of your to connect your mobile to a secured internet connection.

no not at all… you will have your privacy… it needs password because it requires internet to communicate with bolt cloud.

It requires your password as it needs to connect the bolt module to the bolt cloud so that the data achieved through your projects can be stored and displayed to you. In no way can it affect or intrude your privacy.

The Bolt App accesses your mobile phone to switch the Wi-Fi module Online. It won’t have any access to other device connected you home Wi-Fi and it won’t have any access to the data in the phone which has the Bolt Mobile App. The Wi-Fi is simply used to access the Bolt cloud, so that the output, data and information from the projects build on your Bolt Wi-Fi module is stored and displayed. For projects where you can control the functioning of the Bolt module project from your phone requires a Wi-fi connection on the module.

To connect bolt to your broadband