Why is it not html?

Why is it “htm” but not “html”? (refering to module 2.4.1 - LED control)

Technically, there is no difference between the two.
But bolt only accepts file extension of 3 characters or less.

So we default to using the .htm convention.


thank you for the logical reply.

Check this out --> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1163738/htm-vs-html

@rchalankar The file suffix has no relation to the file content - it’s merely a convention to hint the type of information in the file.

There’s no difference, .html and .htm are both used to refer to text that’s marked up with HTML.

Web servers were initially exclusively UNIX systems with few limitations on the length of file names, and no formal notion of a file name extension. The convention was to use ‘.html’ as the suffix for an HTML file, and the suffix was often used by the web server to set the Content-Type header in the HTTP response.

Eventually, people started creating and even serving up HTML content from Microsoft Windows-based systems. At the time, a 3-letter file name extension was still commonly enforced on files. For that reason, users on Windows shortened ‘.html’ to ‘.htm’.

So, ‘.htm’ is a ‘.html’ file that was generally written by someone using an old Windows environment.