Why my api key is not working?

I am trying to run program in VM ware but I am getting error of Api key. I think the api key is blocked.

Hi @AmmarSayed,
1)Check your API key.
2)Check your email. check in promotions if there is any mail from bolt that means your bolt api key is blocked for 6 hours. check your api key after 6 hours.

Hi @AmmarSayed,
You can enable your API key using this link. Also, in case you already have enabled your API key, it may get blocked for 6 hours in case you break the API ACCESS RULES. Do check out the API ACCESS RULES before running your program. Let me know if the problem persists.

@AmmarSayed Firstly check your API key setting in cloud account ,and make setting to enable if it disable, then also it doesn’t work then generate new API key and try. or check your email once you will be having email regarding that