Why operating system is required on BOLTIOT?

I just Entered the Virtual Private Sensor Section and Sir is telling us that we can use Digital Ocean as to create a OS on our Bolt WIFI Module so that it can help process our responses on it. But Before this , we did some projects where we did not require the Digital Ocean and provided commands to module and We got what we wanted. So How an Operating System would help/Improve our BOLT WIFI Module?


You must have misunderstood. You don’t need a OS on your Bolt module. Because it is not a computer, that you will be able to load the operating system on it.

Ubuntu is an Operating System, just like Windows, Macintosh, etc. The purpose behind introducing the Linux environment is to make students habitable and comfortable in working in the terminal.

If in the future you work in a field that concerns IoT, or anything in the tech field, windows is not the best option. You can go through to know why - https://itsfoss.com/linux-better-than-windows/
Other than that, all you’ll be doing on ubuntu is use python on terminal, that you can do even on windows.

Basically, you will be using Python programs to control your Bolt module. That can be done on windows as well. You can use the powershell, or any IDE to do that. But being familiar with Ubuntu is a plus point.

You will be writing python programs with the boltiot python library.

Let me know if you need more details or have any query on this.