Wi-fi Controlled Car Using Bolt-IoT and Arduino

Hello everyone!
I have made a project in which I have made a wi-fi controlled robot using Bolt IoT, Arduino UNO,BO motors and batteries. The car works by a few buttons for forward, reverse, left
and right , that have been created using html and JavaScript on the bolt cloud. The
bolt cloud also enables the user to operate the car via the smartphone that is
connected to bolt.

I have conducted a YouTube session for the same whose link is given below:

PPT of the project:

List of components and purchase link:

  1. Bolt wi-fi module

  2. Arduino Uno R3 / Boltduino

  3. L298N DC motor driver module

  4. BO (Battery Operated) motors and its wheels

  5. Caster wheel

  6. Batteries

  7. Jumper wires

  8. Metal chassis / Wooden ply / Acrylic sheet

You will be able to find the circuit diagram, codes and other details in the ppt.
If you have any doubts regarding the project, you can ask them here and I would surely try to clear them! :smile:


Thanks for the Event, and the session was knowledgeable and easily understood.