Wi-Fi module is not powering on. Both LEDs not glowing

I have tried connecting my wifi module with the laptop using the provided cable but LED didn’t blink. . I tried using Android mobile charger too. Kindly help

Hi @aditi.singh20092002
did you try to use different cable to power the module

ya I tried but it’s not working.

The led blinking starts only at the start of internet connection you provided

Is your blue led on

What is the LED status like…are they glowing and stable?

no the blue led is not on

no it’s completely off.

@aditi.singh20092002 check whether your cable is working or not and check it is conneted to 3.3v to 5v

Can you send a picture of the module


@aditi.singh20092002 try connecting it to a wall socket.
Do let me know if this worked

I tried but it’s not working.

did you find any defect in the physical structure of the module like any unsoldered parts?

can’t find any but don’t know if any exist internally.

I think the module is defective.

try this…power up the module and try setting up the device using the bolt app(don’t care if the LEDs are turning on or not).
If the module’s hotspot is on this will conclude that the module is working and the LEDs are defective.
Do let me know the result.

In case you are not able to resolve this with the help of guidance of students here then shoot a short video showing:

  1. That you have connected the Bolt with a cable to the wall socket.
  2. In the same video also show using the original Bolt cable.
  3. Make sure the video shows your connection to the Bolt WiFi Module and also that the USB has been power on.

Upload this video to Google Drive and share the link to support@boltiot.com

Your WiFi module comes with 1-year warranty. We shall replace it for you if the issue is not resolved.

tried searching for the wifi module in the wifi settings of my phone, but cannot find in it.

Is your blue light fading in and out, now?

no it’s completely off.

Till the time Bolt turns ON, you wont see any wifi connection.
Also, download the Bolt App and use only that, to connect to the module later.