Wifi connection problem

My mobile is of 5 MHz and i am not able to connect my bolt module with mobile.

Hi @purwarsaket1,

Have you gone through the video given in the following link?

ok, plz follow these steps below:

  1. clear your Bolt Device data and close the app.
  2. turn OFF your mobile data and turn ON your mobile WIFI.
  3. Now open your bolt app and got to add device button.
  4. now you have to reach the screen where you will see a READY Button, but you have not to press it.
  5. Now turn ON your Bolt device and as its Blue LED blinking stats, you have to press the ready button immediately. Now app will ask for to connect to a WIFI or hotspot, then you can choose as you want. Now follow the further steps asking by the Bolt app, Now your Bolt Device is ready for use.