WiFi module blue led is not at all blinking

After my first successful connection to bolt cloud I switched off the WiFi module… after some time when I turned on the WiFi module blue led blink at start once for fraction…after that no blinking or glowing at all
And green light was glowing without blinking when blue was off

Use any different USB cable and check the power supply to which the BOLT WIFI module is connected. Hope this helps.
Thank You.

I tried different usb and adapter …and I just observed green light is glowing (no blinking) and blue is off

Since your wifi module blue light (which is wifi connectivity) isnt blinking, you can try the following:
connect the bolt module to a power supply and try to configure it on the BOLT app
when you open the app and try to configure it
the app will show the WIFI requirements and you can try to connect the module to your wifi accordingly and by following the instructions
PS: check the wifi frequency and the BOLT module frequency and modify the wifi frequency for the bolt module
Also try connecting to a different network and see if the same error occurs

Blue not blinking means no hotspot created by bolt WiFi module right?
I tried as you said not working

Then contact the help line for bolt and see if they can help you or you can get a replacement.


Your unit is probably damaged.
Please write to support@boltiot.com with a link to this forum post, and ask them for a replacement under warrenty. If you purchased the Bolt kit within the last 1 year, you are eligible for the warrenty.