Wifi module not working not connecting with phone

Green light is not visible on my bolt wifi module

Hi Tanish,
Kindly try the following:

  1. Shift to 2.4Ghz band wifi
  2. Switch off mobile data of your device
  3. Try restarting the device
  4. Ensure youre connected to the same network as the module

Hi @tkharkwal_be21,

May I know what is the status of the Blue LED on the Bolt Wifi Module.

I suggest you try doing the setup one more time. Generally, that solves the problem. If not, here are few ways to debug the setup issues.

Q: The Blue LED on my Bolt is not blinking.

A: You need to power on your Bolt device. Use a 5V Micro USB Power Adaptor connected to a power supply mains to power on the Bolt.

Q: The Blue LED is blinking but it’s not stable.

A: You need to connect your Bolt to your WiFi network. Download the Bolt IoT App in your Android phone and follow the onscreen instruction to connect your Bolt to your home WiFi network.

Q: Blue LED is stable but Green LED is not On.

A: It means you Bolt is connected to your WiFi network but not getting the internet access. Enable the internet access from your wifi network.