Wifi module of bolt received defected

I received my kit …and it’s very disappointing to know see that the wifi module is defected…what should I do now?

Try posting pictures showing the damage to support@boltiot.com .It may be helpful for any assistance if required from the team .

First try connecting it multiple times and also make sure you are not able to discover the device in your bolt app. Once you do this try contacting support@boltiot.com or whatsapp them your problem you may find your solution.

Generally, BOIT will not send any defected kit. Please once you check it properly, then you try to connect it using your mobile charger. If you installed the boltiot app and logged in, you connect the mobile charger to wifi module and power on wait till the blue light stays constant and follow the instructions in boltiot app and try to connect your app to wife module, now you can see both green and blue lights are constant without any blinking (it will take a while, please wait and make sure your have good internet connection that connected wifi module through
the app). If in a case anything of above not working please contact team boltiot