Wifi module setting up

I connected my wifi module to a power source and at first, a blue led starts glowing slowly. Afterwards, I installed boltiot app from the playstore and done the prescribed steps. I had given bolt password to the bolt network shown in the available list of wifi devices . Afterwards, both the blue and green light is glowing continuisly(stable). But in the next step, it says try again.
I keep on clicking that try again button but nothing happend.
Afterwards, I uninstalled the boltiot mobile app and reinstalled it. Then also, both the LEDs glow constantly. But in the mobile, when I click add device, password came but in the wifi settings window, BOLT network is not shown… What to do sir? Kindly reply sir…


We have solved a similar query in the below thread. You can refer that for the solution.

If you are still unable to connect, let me know.

Ok sir Thank you…Let me see this

Sir, I don’t have an older version of android phone with me. So, shall I install Advanced IP scanner?


Without an android device you won’t be able to connect to the Bolt cloud. Both the steps are supposed to be implemented in order to connect in cases of issues.

Let me know if you are unable to do it. We shall manually link the device and then you can go ahead with the IP scanner. But it may take some time to get the device updated.

Only android version 11 sir


Send me a mail to akshayan.sinha@boltiot.com for the same. I’ll require some additional information for the manually linking of the device.

I have faced this problem you can check by connecting to other hotspot devices, because there may be any connection problems. Disconnect your hotspot and reconnect it will work bro.

it depends on which internet connection you are using like if you are using hotspot then after connecting first mobile to the bolt wifi. turn on the another mobile hotspot and connect the bolt module to it. after the successful connection also connect your first phone to the internet using wifi. I think this will help solving your problem.