Wifi module setup error

it says my mobile is compatable with 5ghz whearus 2.4ghz is needed for the module so i cant use it

Hey @ragulvengat1011 !
The ESP2866 is a WiFi module which can only connect to WiFi networks which work with a frequency of 2.4Ghz. Try connecting your device to any other WiFi networks and make sure it uses 2.4Ghz and not 5Ghz.
Hope this helps you!

Hey, first connect your phone to some wifi network ,if you don’t have router or something
you can use other phone’s hotspot as well .
Now try to do setup again i’m sure this will work now, mostly wifi use 2.4ghz band and it will set automatically… if not then set it to 2.4ghz…Thanks!!!

if nothing has worked till now then connect your laptop to any wifi and make mobile hotspot from your laptop and then do the setup. in laptop hotspot you have a setting to change hotspot’s frequency.

Hi ragulvengat1011…!
firstly goto hotspot settings look for something like “Set band” and change it from 5GHz band to 2.5Ghz band now repeat the process of connecting from the beginning.
please make sure you reply for any of the message that you felt it helped because time plays big role for everyone. Thank you have a great Day :smiley:

First connect your phone to WIFI network and mostly use WIFI network which consist 2.4 GHZ band because the ESP 8266 MOD have 2.4 GHZ frequency. Kindly check that your WIFI network is not consist 5 GHZ band .

It is just a warning message and not an error.

You can go ahead and connect to any 2.4 GHz wifi source.