Wifi network in bolt memory

  1. when initially bolt is not connected to any network , how does the name and password of the chosen network on mobile phone gets saved in bolt memory.please explain in detail?

2 what do we mean by restarting the bolt wifi module after the name and password is saved?

3.does bolt have permanent memory or temporary memory or both?

4.what if i want to change the wifi network the bolt is connected to ?will the name and password of previous wifi network gets overwritten or both the name and password of both the previous and current wifi network is still in bolt memory?

  1. to transmit its own hotspot the module needs mobile data as in mobile . from where the module is getting this data as it is not connected to any internet?
  1. The Bolt module is shutdown, so that when it restarts, the Bolt module connects to the WiFi network entered in the Bolt App during the device setup.
  2. It has both.
    64kB of instruction RAM; 96kB of data RAM - Temporary Memory
    4MB Flash Memory - Permanent Memory
  3. In case you want to change the WiFi network the bolt is connected to, just click on “Add new device” in the app and set it up again for the new WiFi network. The name and password of the previous WiFi network is overwritten with the new name and password.
  4. WiFi doesn’t necessarily mean it has internet. It is just another mode of wireless communication like Bluetooth.

Hope this helps…

Thanku for the answer but can You please also provide answer to the first question?