WiFi should not be connected

My bolt Device should not be connected with my phone green light should not glow and it’s not connected what should I don please help me

Please restart your process, at first it may have connection problem with wifi…Please see that wifi has good connectivity and try again…It will work …please try a couple of times

once restart the setup, if ur using mobile hotspot for getting wifi you need two mobiles one for hotspot and another for setup.

please restart the same process and make sure that you are having wifi from modum else you need to phones one for providing hotspot and the other for connecting to bolt. please try to connect it as per guidlines you got it will connect…

@2018016459.divyanshu resart whole process from step-1…check internet connectivity if using mobile hotspot…if you’re module had already connected wifi during previous steps please change you’re wifi password and start the process… if any trouble during process please mention me

1)try to check your wifi connection
2)if the blue light is glowing and the green light is not glowing it means that the wifi has no internet access , so check whether your wifi has a good connectivity
3)if using a mobile hotspot u need 2 devices , on your personal hotspot on one device and connect to it from the bolt app.

the other reasons for your bolt’s green not on might be:

  1. Your university has the firewall that is stopping the connection from your Bolt to Bolt Cloud.
  2. University has two layers of WiFi security where MAC address is linked to internet access.
  3. Your university has Open internet connection.

You need to disconnect your Bolt from your university network and connect it to your phone’s hotspot. You need to come out from the WiFi network coverage area and your Bolt will be disconnected from your university WiFi network. Once the Blue LED starts blinking, you can connect your Bolt to your Phone’s hotspot and continue using the Cloud.

If your university wifi network is spread over a huge area, and you cannot leave the university area, then install Advance IP Scanner software (http://www.advanced-ip-scanner.com/) in your laptop. Connect to the WiFi network the Bolt is connected to and find the IP address of Bolt. You can find the Bolt IP by the Hostname which will be something like “Expressif”. Note down the IP address of the Bolt.

Now create a hotspot from your phone network and type the following URL in your laptop’s browser after replacing <IP_ADDR> with the Bolt’s IP Address.

Replace <HOTSPOT_NAME> with the name of your phone’s hotspot and replace <HOTSPOT_PASSWD> with the password of your hotspot.



Now your Bolt will be restarted and will connect to your phone’s hotspot. Now, the BLUE and GREEN LED should be ON and stable on your Bolt.

these steps are mentioned in the troubleshooting setup process blog , so try to follow the above steps

If you are using mobile hotspot you need two devices on for setup and another for wifi,plz try this it will defiantly work.

Restart your setup,follow the whole step what is given and apart from the setup device you need another device for hotspot.

check your wifi connection if it’s stable and if yes then try to restart the device once more to check. if these steps do not work then you could try mailing to support@bolt.iot to fix your issues.