Wireless Temperature Monitoring System

I just want to know the working process of Wireless Temperature Monitoring System



When the temperature sensor is connected to bolt, it senses the temperature around and data is sent to cloud. In the cloud the data is processed according to your code and gives you the results.

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  1. setup the hardware connection for Temperature Monitoring System as per the Bolt training kit.
    2.Connect your wifi to Bolt module.
    3.Since Bolt has a cloud platform it will store the temperature ever 5 minutes automatically in cloud.
    4.You can see the temperature anywhere anytime using Bolt cloud.

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hi @ubibotuk , when you connect the temperature sensor, it receives the temperature data around the device , then it sends it to bolt cloud where it gets stored . you can view data according to the time delay that you have given in your configuration. And ya,temperature sensor has its inbuilt voltage regulator.so temperature is converted into voltage which is collected by analog pin. temperature and voltage are directly proportional.
Then you can get temperature by the following formula:
hope this helps . thank you.

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