Without configuring hardware for led how can the led glow

without configuring hardware for led how can the led glow

Hi @parijatkundu244,

It is necessary to connect the output device to Bolt IoT wi-fi module to let LED know if it is receiving someinput or not.

It is thw simpl example project to check the Bolt IOT which is connected to the same user in the Bolt app.when you install the app it indicates to insert the LED, since it is directly connected to the cloud, from cloud the code is accessd to check weather the Bolt is working properly.

hello @parijatkundu244,
This will be a two step process:

  1. Connect LED to the Bolt Wifi Module. (Don’t forget to use a resistor in series with the LED)
  2. Control the LED over Bolt Python Library using Device ID and API Key using Python Coding.
    You can check this link also:
    Project 8: LED Intensity (Brightness) Control
    This discussion involves LED brightness control and may be of help.
    I hope this helps.

with out connecting hardware you can’t identify the output.either you have to code in such a way that the value should display in your screen i.e, the status when you press button or the hardware output.