Without sensor the bolt module is giving different values

I am facing an issue while running the project. Whenever I am running the project without any sensor, the bolt module (ESP8266) is giving the different values.
Without sensor it should give me constant value like 0. But it is giving me values like 11, 321, 339 etc.
I ask my friends to run it without sensor; with there Bolt training kit. They are getting the right and constant output as 0.
Here is what I am seeing:

Hi @ss19if053,

Can you please upload the simple LDR Project code to the board? Do not connect LDR. Just push the values without LDR and share a screenshot. Please refer to https://docs.boltiot.com/docs/getting-started-with-bolt-light-monitoring-for-plants for detailed steps.

Hi @shobhit.kumawat
As you told me I have uploaded the simple LDR Project code to the board, without connecting the LDR.
here is the screenshot of what I am seeing:

Hi @ss19if053,

Is it without a sensor or with the sensor?

Without sensor

Hi @ss19if053,

Please put a mail on support@boltiot.com mentioning the same. They will verify and arrange a replacement for your Bolt Module.

Hi @ss19if053 .

Analog pins read floating random values when no sensors are connected. If here is no sensor connected to A0 pin then you will get garbage values. Ask your friend to read the value on analogRead on pin A0. he will also get the some random number.

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

Hi @Raviburman98 ,
As much i understand your problem the thing is if you are not connect any sensor in your wifi module it will return default value or garbage value very rare case are there when the device is not working properly make sure to check it once.