Wordpress preview not working correctly

Hey everyone,
I just finished writing my project on wordpress and thought that I should see the preview to know how it’ll look like to others…
This is how much I’ve written -

This is what i can see in preview -

I have tried updating the whole content and reloading the page and everything, but it just does not display content after this image.

Please help…

Update - I checked for the changes made and in the time stamp it shows that my project was last updated at 4:40 pm but I was working on it till 8:30. That means it is not synchronizing with wordpress cloud or something.


Most likely, your post was not saved.
Make sure to keep a backup o f your document, in case of any major issue in the future.

You can create a new post and PASTE the same in there, it may solve your issue for now.

From what I see from my side, you last edited your post on 15th October, till 4:50 PM. It does not include the Conclusion Header as you claimed.

Make sure to save your project and recheck, or create a new post and paste everything there and continue from there.

That’s what I was thinking, because I was writing my project till 8:30 in the evening only to have a backup of only 4:50 pm. Thank you, I’ll try and let you know if this works.

P.S - I still can’t update in the same post as it is not saving , I’ll try to create a new one and let you know.

Thank you

Update - I tried making a new project and copy pasted everything up until that point, but after 2-3 paragraphs it stopped working…
I’ve been making changes continuously and saving them but this is the only change I see

This shows that I added 3 changes in the last 14 minutes but I did add more than that, much more to be honest.

Please help.
Thank you.


I’ll ask the team to look into this issue. Will update you on Monday regarding this.

Till then, save your progress in your local file. You can use the markdown file format to write them. When the portal is working fine, you can update the text blocks over there.

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I have saved my progress on Google docs for now.

Please look into this issue. I really need the certificate for my summer training report that I have to present in the college soon. Any help will be appreciated :pray:

Thank you.