Working concepts behind Smart Speakers

Can anyone explain what are the technical steps or principle concepts behind the working of smart speakers like google home or Alexa?

The major technology behind such devices is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
The operation of such a device includes various steps which provide the final successful working.

Working of smart speakers(Alexa, Google Home, Siri, etc):-
1. Tigger word/ wake word detection.
~~~ ie., ‘hey Siri’, ‘hey google’, etc

2. Speech recognization
    ~~~ A procedure of converting speech into words, sounds, and ideas which is based on Natural 
        Language Processing (NLP).

3. Intent recognization
     ~~~ Understanding the meaning of the text by matching the text(command) with the 
        preinstalled or stored command in the device.

4. Execution of the said command through specifically created software.

Thank you, the solution helped me clear my doubt.