Working of programs

I have been using Oracle virtual box ubuntu and none of my projects is working or sending messages mails or anything else. I am having a hard time getting the project’s code as they are not properly illustrated and the things are not much clear. SO please help me where I can do my work or write code other than this so that things could work

To make your virtual box work pleas go through your system bios setting i am attaching the link of videos which might help you in setting up your virtual box
and still if it doesn’t work install ubuntu in dual boot on your windows pc from a local computer service center or vendor i have done the same it will not cost more than 400 INR its the best option

if code is not working pleas check the code line by line as per my knowledge as i have finished the course all the codes are working fine

Even for me Oracle virtualbox ubuntu wasnt working and the programs werent working and sometimes it didnt open at all.
Instead of Oracle Virtual box an alternative that works without much hassle and with the exact same functioning is VMware Workstation 12 Player
here is the link to download it and the installation is just the same
VMWare Download link
Ubuntu Server ISO link -