Working on a patient health care system

can anyone help me with getting sensor data from arduino and compare them and perform ifttt operations

Hi, You can interface bolt with Arduino( ) and you can use Bolt Cloud API to perform the task like sending mail, sms, facebook status etc. You can refer this python script

You can interface sensor with Arduino and then send data through UART to the bolt. For reference, you can check the given link below.

Hi, We no longer support IFTTT. But if you can tell us what was the end application for using IFTTT that would help us recommend a substitute for it.

the bolt i use is the old one with ifttt support

DHT22 is a digital sensor and I use an analog temperature and pulse rate sensor does this affect the functioning

Does bolt support python script?

You can use Python along with Bolt APIs. Check out

Should not be an issue.

I used this code with dht22 sensor,I’m not able to get any graaph

Can you send us a screenshot of console page? It will show you error on console page.

It shows Nan.undifined


Please share the codes used, we cannot help debug without seeing the code and screenshots of the output to replicate it’

Can we a develop a health care project
By using Bolt iot please say


Yes, you can. Find the right sensors and modules you want to use, and make an IoT project out of it.

Please say what are modules required


You can refer to - to know and understand about the available sensors in the market.

Refer to the Online Market for India with readily available healthcare sensors -

Refer to this, to find out names that you can find in amazon or any online electronics market (search in google with the name of sensors) -

Let me know if you have any other query.

This article reveals the patient portal app development process in detail. Perhaps this will help you.