Working with RHT175

I want to connect RHT175 temperature sensor to my project. I will use external power supply (SMPS) for the sensor and connect the analog input to the bolt module. Will it damage bolt module? What is the limit of current and voltage of the analog input?

Hi @Rahulk15 ,
The Analog input on the Bolt Module only works with voltage levels between 0V-1V. I think it should work just fine because as I can check the RHT175 also outputs between 0V-1V, but do check the datasheet before using it.

The bolt module works on 3.3V where the RHT175 requires 5V supply. It is good that you connected an external power supply to the sensor. Coming to the question you asked, the sensor output does not damage the bolt module as it can accept voltage ranges from 0 to 1V in the analog pin.