Writing digital output using digitalMultiWrite command not working

When i use digitalMultiWrite, the browser shows the value but the LEDs are not glowing. I’ll hereby give the connection and API code


The browser output is,
{“value”: “1”, “success”: 1}

connected 4 leds… positive terminal to 1,2,3,4 and negative of all to ground respectively. The same configuration works when only digitalWrite command is used. I think this is a issue in systems. My all 5 friends are facing same issue. Please help. It is not connection problem.


I can’t see any resistor connected with the LEDs. As there is a voltage difference between the LEDs and the digital pins therefore it is important to connect a resistor to balance it out.
Try connecting a 330 ohm resistor in series.

Resistance is not a big issue. I also tried connecting resistance but still it is not working. I also connected different things but it is not working. My all friends has faced this issue. Due to this a project of mine is stuck. Earlier a same query has been posted by a user. But this issue has not been resolved. BOLT IOT team please help to resolve this issue.