Wrong College Name

While applying for this “Bolt Iot and ML Course” I was in School but it was asking for College Name

So I entered My School Name there.
But Now I am in college and so I want To update/change that to my college name.

Can someone help me do it?

I think it is necessary for my certificate (so it has correct details)

Pls help me…

Hi @arishtmehtajain,

When you are accessing the training in the “Course Curriculum” under the section “Certification Test” there is a file named “Instructions for the exam” which you need to read carefully.
I think your doubt will be resolved by the the points 13 to 17 which state that:-

  1. The certificate for completion will only be generated when you pass the exam with the minimum criteria i.e. 50% points.
  2. The final marks and certificate will be available to you within 7 working days from the point of submission of the exam via email. Usually we send the certificate within 3 working days, but in case if the number of exams to grade are a lot, then we will take slightly longer time.
  3. Once we have graded the questions, you will receive an email from us with the subject “Bolt IoT test result”. Check your inbox and SPAM folder before raising a query with support.
  4. Please enter your first, last name and institution/college name as you want it to be printed on the certificate. In case of long names(>25 characters), please use the initials. For example, Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai can be shortened to IIT, Mumbai.
  5. You can also choose the duration to be shown on the certificate in months. You can choose between 1 or 2 months duration.

I hope that I have solved your doubt.

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@arishtmehtajain Please send an email to support@boltiot.com with the correct college name and the Course access code and they will update it.

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srry but that didn’t solve it however i m trying answer given but @shoeb.ahmed1

Hi @arishtmehtajain,

When you will appear for the certification exam, your details along with your name and college name will be asked to generate certificate.So do not worry.

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