Wrong score on certificate

Today , i gave the BOLT IOT /ML certification exam. I got my certificate but marks are not counted of manual check questions i.e 30% . For example if you score 54 in the test than on certificate 54 % is written but they are from 70 . 77% should be written.
BOLT Team please check…

Hi @raghavsingla327 . The certificate which you might have received a few hours after giving the certification test is only for a provisional purpose. And it just shows the % of marks scored in the test. Within the next one week or so, you will get the final certificate which will be having test, project and forum answers’ marks.

Thanks @vishalvats2000 . I am happy to hear this and waiting eagerly. :eyes:

Hi @raghavsingla327,
Don’t worry. We have received your submission and once we check it, you’ll get an updated certificate. Currently, you have received the auto-graded certificate for the multiple choice questions.