I created my cloud acc by sign into the google but when i’m signing in now it ask me to download app …although i have already downloaded

After downloading the app, please set up your bolt wifi module using the app. And then login to your cloud account. Your bolt wifi module will be listed in your dashboard.

To set up your bolt wifi module, follow the instructions in your app.

Hiii… @ns5274553, please setup independent password for bolt cloud account.

Hi @ns5274553,

  1. Download the Bolt IoT app for setting up your Bolt device on your mobile.
  2. Once setup is done on mobile, open https://cloud.boltiot.com on your laptop/desktop for writing your html/Js codes.

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

Hii @ns5274553
As you are on mobile (analyzed by your screenshot), if you have downloaded the app so now convert your browser window into desktop site & cancel to logout (if logout window open).
now you can play the course videos.

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Hi I think so you want to access bolt cloud to do that you need to click on triple dots on top of your browser and select desktop site this should solve the problem