Youtube Related Videos at end

after submiiting project’s video link,it shows all the related video after the end.How to hide those related videos?
Can anyone help me?


Can you check this?

@sidharthparthsarathiI have not understood your query. Can you please send a screenshot so that I can understand what you are referring to?

When i submitted the youtube link.after that the video is shown under the Story section of the project.This is not an issue.

but,after when video ended,it is displaying related videos from my youtube account,just like youtube do after the end of the video.(displaying any related videos)
therefore i want to hide all that related videos, so that when anyone finish watching the video,after that the pip(picture in picture) should not show any kind of related videos(or popup) except youtube play button

@sidharthparthsarathi I’m afraid that is not possible. Youtube will always display related videos after the video has ended. You can also get in touch with YouTube support to check if what you want is possible.

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