3 way switch connected with relay module

Prior knowledge
i have used ifttt to voice control my bulb using google assistant…i have used the following devices
bolt iot and relay
the problem is described below
I connected the relay across a 3 way switch to check if the bulb works with both the relay and the manual switch.
Which it works but the problem is that if the turn on the bulb using the manual switch and then if i want to turn off/on the bulb using the relay i am having to send the opposite command… for example if manual switch is off i say lights on to turn the light on and lights off to turn them off, but when i turn the bulb on using the manual switch and try to turn off by relay if i say lights off nothing happens but if i say lights on then the bulbs turns off and similarly when bulb is on using manual switch and i turned off the bulb saying lights on,now to turn off the bulb using relay i need to say lights on… i dont know how to slove the issue please help me

@priyesh.sahani you have to alter the relay connection for this, common will connect to the main supply plug and normally closed will connect to the other end of the wire.

Thi is not the case i have used both the pins normally open and normally closed the circuit diagram is provided below

I have the same query how can we control the appliance with both manual switch and relay. When I am doing this it is happening like stair case light alternate switch where opposite to existing switch position is pressed to control the appliance.

Hi @priyesh.sahani:

Looks like you have implemented a staircase lighting system using a relay and a 3-way switch. Which makes sense as to why you have to reverse the command that you sent to the Bolt WiFi module.

Please clarify, what exactly do you want to be able to do?