A whole months no refund yet, after me sending the damaged product back to you. Received a damaged product

I brought the iot pack, and it was damaged as I was instructed by the bolt guys I have not used it and kept it for a refund, its been a month since I applied and the damaged product was sent to you and you have taken it but, still no talk about the refund.

and all you do is say wait give us more time,

for a fault of yours, you must be handed responsibility for the faulty piece which you people sent me,

why do you waste people’s time with no course access, hardware access or a refund?

so are you either getting a heap full of returns or are you trying to postpone and scam the course fee from your customers I don’t know but till now all I got from you is to wait until your team is resolving,
if you are the whole team is working over a month to resolve a single-person issue, I am not able to guess how the course and the entire thing are being run.

hope you will refund me soon, as I brought it for review purposes because your team worked for months to resolve will be appreciated a great time.

heyy you have to submit your complaint respective to organization or website from which you had purchase…

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