About Bolt Wifi module and other issues

Wifi Module Not working… Initially it was working but now not even a single light is binking… please help asap… and what about hackster.io… do we have to compulsory upload our project for exam?

Check that the USB cable is fully functional or not by plugging the same USB cable to any other device like mobile. If it is all ok then your module is not functioning. Maybe due to short-circuit while connecting it for your previous projects.

@sanikashet Which power source are you using to power the Bolt module? Have you tried using a combination of micro-usb cables and power adaptors?

Have used USB cable but not power adaptors

I think the module has been damaged

@sanikashet don’t worry dear…
Your product will be under warranty and if it is damaged so contact bolt iot team to replace the item ASAP.
You use power adapter or any low voltage source to prevent damage to your device …
May your device start working try again…:v::v:

@sanikashet Record a small video of the Bolt module and you trying to power up the device and send it to support@boltiot.com.
We will initiate the replacement process once we have received the video and confirm that the Bolt is indeed defective.