About Bolt Wifi Network

Hello, I connected Bolt Wifi to the Bolt Cloud but the thing is my Bolt Cloud dashboard isn’t showing any Bolt Wifi network if it’s not show that how can I deploy my product, can please resolve this issue

Hello @chathuryareddyt I hope you are fine,
Firsly ,make sure that your USB cable is connected to your Bolt properly and the blue light is on.
Then make sure that you have followed properly the instruction of the trainning to connect your Device over INTERNET. If all those steps have been followed properly , you will see on your a green light that mean , you are successfully connected over internet.
If it does not work , just make sure that you have internet on your WI-FI.
I hope it will you to solve your issue.

it showed both lights but my bolt device is not showing in bolt cloud

is it only on your cloud or both cloud and Mobile App?

only on cloud in my mobile it is showing

are you sure that the same E-Mail you used to logn in on your device is the same on your cloud?

yes I used same email, does the internet network should be same in my laptop and bolt mobile app?

not realy , but for the first time yes , but after that I don’t think so, just mare sure that you have internet on both of your devices.

I’m going to try it again I let you if I’m getting it or not
thank you for your help

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@chathuryareddyt It may be that your browser is interfering with the Bolt Cloud display. Can you please let me know which browser and version you are using to access the Bolt Cloud?

Hi sir @shoeb.ahmed @yeshwant.naik I have doubt that is it mandatory to connect Bolt wifi module to the same internet connection which we use for Bolt cloud? I mean if I use different internet connection for Bolt wifi module and different internet connection for cloud side So will there be any error?

No @Harsh , as long as the bolt cloud and the module are connected to the internet you are good to go. No need to use same internet connection.


You need NOT to be on the same network to which Bolt device is connected. Being an IoT ecosystem, you should be able to access the device via the dashboard around the globe.

Can you share the email id that you have used to login to the cloud dashboard on laptop? You can visit profile section on the right top corner to find out which email id you have used.