About cv submission using email which is not used for registering courses

sir, I have received a mail to submit cv for Declathon internship. I am unable to upload cv using the registered e-mail(reddi_b211076me@.nitc.ac.in) as it is not getting uploaded ,I uploaded the cv using different mail(reddishivasailahari@gmail.com).I have filled this mail-id in the cv submission form where mail id is to be mentioned. Even though after submitting I got mail again to submit, when I tried to submit again from the registered mail(reddi_b211076me@nit.ac.in) it is not getting uploaded so when I tried to submit it from other email(reddishivasailahari@gmail.com) it is showing that I have already submitted.I have submitted it earlier but did not recieve any reply sir.so, I want to know if there is any problem with submiting from other email which is not being used for registering the course.

Hi @reddi_b211076me [REDDI SHIVA SAI LAHARI]

We have received your cv from the form submission.

Thank you so much sir for your response to my request for information.