About hardware components

during shifting of my things i lost my components but i have the module, may i get those only components again?

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You can cosider buying the following kit(Link given below)

However every component is available separately but it may cost you more than the kit.

Hi @Vigram_STR,
Don’t be panic there are only few of components that you have to arrange that were included in this Bolt IoT kit.
List of the components:

  1. Bolt IoT module
  2. 2 LED
  3. Male to male wires
  4. Male to female wires
  5. LDR
  6. Micro USB power cable
  7. Buzzer
  8. LM35
  9. Push Button
  10. Resistance 330ohm and 10K ohm

Now question is where to buy?

You can either buy online using these links:
A) https://amzn.to/2Ec3YDq
B) https://amzn.to/2ZVRR5T
(check the above kits and buy which suits you best, I already have one of them)


Go to any nearby hobby or electronics shop, you will get all these components available there very easily.

Hope this will help you,


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