About the two Input in one bolt Device

Dear All,

Is it possible to use two Input sensor (LRD and Temperature Sensor) in Ao part with in the same project.

No you cannot take the readings of both the sensors at a time through the same pin.

Thank you for information :grin:but I want two sensor together.
Why I can not use other input.


hey friend, when you read a value from a pin it would give the analog value(as its connected to the analog pin here).
when you connect more than one sensor it would randomly throw out values for both or maybe just any one of them.

Thank you :blush:
Can I use other GPIO pin to get value.
Will it work for me.
Any idea


No, the sensors give analog output and cannot be connected to a digital GPIO pins. The digital GPIO pins just gives you 0 or 1 for the output and not the actual voltage across the sensors.

at the time when we attach a input/output device at GPIO pins, a valid variable name should be given it. but in the case of two component at a time will confuse the system, that which one to be assigned and take values. and also we can chose either i/p or o/p device

it’s depend on your sensor if your sensor is digital then its ok to connect with gpio pins but if your sensor is analog you have to connect to A0 pin for example ldr can be used as digital and analog both difference is that in digital you will get 0 and 1 other side in analog you will get 1 to 255 value i hope i cleared your doubt.